Introducing the Governing Council Members


High Priestess Dena Stanwood - Council Vice President


High Priestess Emma Stanwood - Council Treasurer


Scaith Maistir Druid Sebastian Condon - Council President

I have been part of the Druid path since I was a child. My Grandmother started my training as a Druid early on, for many years it was all I knew about the world. 

While on my path I have been able to study many different beliefs and ways of life. As is the Druid way, there can be no one correct path in life. If one road is valid all must be. I have spend over 30 years practicing, honing and honoring my path and guiding others in the old ways where I can. I have been a recognized Master Druid since 1998 and have done my best to help my community everywhere I have been. 


Druid Apprentice Kris Cushman - Council Member

I am new to the Pagan way of life. Having married a Druid and being house mates with a witch has really opened my heart and mind to the universe. I am excited to learn all I can about different paths and create a stronger self.

I am excited to provide an outside or new perspective to this community and circle. To learn from you all and in turn I hope I can teach you something as well.


Shamanic Witch Diane Rafael - Council Secretary

I have been part of this path since I was a little girl in my grandmother’s  kitchen and she would say things like we do it this way as part of our tradition it is just who we are.  It was not 1982 , 18 years later when I was changing the towels for the season I realized that she was a sly old witch. From that moment on I was on the path I had been for generations.

While on my personal path I was able to join my Wiccan ways with a beautiful shaman for 29 years. Even though his body is no longer here, I will always carry a piece of him in my back and his spirit is always around. Through his love, guidance and the lessons from others, and our ancestors and the blessings from the Creator (Gods and Goddess) I have been able to share with others what I have learned.

Come join me in a world where we can give thanks and blessing to our Gods, Goddesses, Creator.

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